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CHA Staking Program Terms and Conditions

Dated: January 2, 2023

The CHA Staking Program allows users to stake (or temporarily lock) their CHA tokens and gain CHA rewards in return.

  1. The Staking Program is scheduled to end in 2026. Chains reserves the right to amend the length of the program.

  2. The Staking Program participation is opt-in.

  3. Users can opt-in by clicking the "Stake CHA" button located in the Chains account Dashboard. Chains may amend the participation requirements from time to time.

  4. Once a user opts in for the Staking Program, the staking applies to the entire balance, regardless of the amount vested at the moment of staking.

  5. The minimum amount required for staking is 2000 CHA.

  6. Once the Staking Program is activated, the user's balance is locked for a 90-day period. Withdrawal of tokens before the end of the staking cycle will cause a loss of any accrued rewards for that period.

    *Please note that after a withdrawal, you must opt-in again to enable CHA staking for your account.

  7. Staking rewards are determined by the user’s CHA balance and are calculated as seen in the table below:

    CHA Balance
    2000 - 5000
    5000 - 25000
    25000 - 1M
  8. Alpha Staking currently offers the highest rewards, up to 10% APY, regardless of the CHA balance the user holds. Alpha Staking is only applicable to users who bought CHA tokens during the public sale event and haven't conducted a withdrawal since their original purchase. Users can top up their CHA with externally purchased tokens while maintaining Alpha Staking status

    *In case of a withdrawal event initiated before the end of the 3-month cycle, the accumulated APY rewards for that period are lost, and the next staking cycle will begin with regular APY rewards, as per the table above.

  9. Tentative accrued rewards will be reflected on your dashboard. These rewards do not constitute actual rewards granted to the user and are subject to vesting, KYC, and staking period requirements.

  10. Once the 90-day cycle has been completed, an updated balance will include the accumulated rewards, and the user may withdraw CHA without losing the rewards accumulated during that period.

  11. The next 3-month staking cycle will begin automatically at the end of each period. The renewed staking amount will include the accrued rewards from the previous period.

  12. Chains reserves the right to change the program's length, rewards structure, or any other conditions with prior notice to active program participants. Updated Terms and Conditions will be applied once the next staking cycle begins.


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