Chains Rewards Program

Rewards program image Chains Rewards program is designed to reward users who support the ecosystem and invite others to . It was created so you, our users, would benefit from spreading the word by inviting others to join the platform.

Earning rewards is easy - simply share your unique referral link with others. Once the users you referred make their first CHA token purchase - you will receive an instant CHA reward to your balance, and accounts referred by you a CHA bonus worth $10.

Use your referral link

Your referral link gives $10 of CHA to new accounts that purchase CHA

Up to 10 invitees
Rewards Classic

Up to 200 + 3% on referral's purchases

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More than 10 invitees
Rewards PRO

Special Milestone Rewards

3% commission from all referrals purchases

50% of referral’s platform services net fees

View full Rewards PRO table

Additional Information and Useful Tools

Visit our Promotional Materials folder to locate useful media files and a Launchpad walkthrough video to share with your referrals.

Visit the Rewards Calculator to easily view your estimated rewards for inviting users to join

Promotional Materials

Rewards Structure

Rewards Classic




CHA balance Rewards
All accounts
40 dashboardRewards.classicBonusUpon
1 - 10,000
60 dashboardRewards.classicBonus
+ 0.5% on referral purchases
10,000 - 25,000
100 dashboardRewards.classicBonus
+ 1% on referral purchases
25,000 - 150,000
150 dashboardRewards.classicBonus
+ 2% on referral purchases
150,000 +
200 dashboardRewards.classicBonus
+ 3% on referral purchases

Rewards PRO


3% dashboardRewards.proPurchased
50% dashboardRewards.proFees

Rewards PRO prizes

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  • *The one-time CHA bonus applies only to the first purchase a referred user completes.
  • *The earned commission percentage applies to all purchases a referred user makes.
  • *CHA rewards will be distributed automatically upon referral's successful purchase.

Rewards FAQ section

What is the Rewards Program all about?


For which users is the Rewards Program available?


How can I join the Rewards Classic program?


Where can I locate my referral link?


How can I join the Rewards PRO program?


Will the Rewards PRO cancel my Classic rewards?


Why should my referrals use my unique referral link when registering to Chains?


How will the CHA rewards be allocated to participants?


Does the Rewards Classic CHA bonus apply to all future referral purchases?


Does the CHA commission reward apply to all future referral purchases?


Does the reward allocation require anything from my referred users?


Is there any fee I must pay for withdrawing the rewards?


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