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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Chains!

The Chains platform is comprised of a series of interconnected products and concepts that may not be obvious at first. Having questions is great, and we hope you ll find your answer here.

  • general


    About Chains and the onboarding process

  • token

    Chains Launchpad and CHA Token Sale

    CHA token Genesis sale

  • prism


    Market research and analytics

  • exchange


    Asset and currency exchange platform

  • maketplace


    A marketplace for products and services

With over 200,000 pre-registered users, Chains aims to help its users to set up their accounts on the platform in a way that allows them to easily connect with the products and solutions deployed on Chains.com


What is Chains.com?

Who is behind Chains?

How do I use Chains?

How do I sign up for Chains?

What happens after the registration?

What is vCHA and how do I get it?

How can I get vCHA?

How do I invite others to join Chains.com and what do I get from doing so?

I was invited by someone - why use their link instead of just signing up?

I accumulated OMYX during the preregistration campaign - what happens now?

What are you doing with my data?

Chains Launchpad and CHA Token Sale

The Launchpad is Chains’ first product and will be available to the public in the first half of 2022. The Chains Launchpad will be home to carefully curated cryptocurrency offerings by the top projects in the space.

What is the Chains Launchpad?

What is the Chains (CHA) Token?

What are the benefits of using and holding CHA?

When will the CHA Token Sale take place?

Where will the Token Sale take place?

How do I purchase CHA during the Token Sale?

Who can purchase CHA?

I’m a resident or citizen of the United States - can I participate in the Token Sale?

Is there a minimum purchase amount?

How long does it take for the token to be visible on my launchpad dashboard?

I bought CHA. How does the vesting process work?

Where is my allocatedv CHA placed during the vesting phase?

What is the CHA price structure?

CHA Accumulation - VIP Tier Structures explanation

Why can’t I receive all my Tokens at once?

Do you have a Token burn mechanism?

How do I launch a token on the Chains Launchpad?


The Prism is an analytics product due to launch in 2022. Prism provides Chains users with the ability to track and measure a variety of assets - cryptocurrencies, equities, commodities and more.

What is Prism?

What is a search query in Prism?

How many queries can I run in Prism per day?

How do I get a premium Prism account?


The Chains Exchange, due to launch in the second half of 2022, is a fully-featured cryptocurrency platform and will be made available in select jurisdictions. Your Chains.com and vCHA bonuses will be fully integrated with the soon-to-be-launched exchange.

What is the Chains Exchange?

When will the Exchange go live?


The Chains Marketplace is not launched yet, and we are inviting you to set up your account and claim your vCHA discount, which will permanently affect your listing and transaction fees on the Marketplace. If you are a business or a service provider - make sure to apply for our sunrise program

What is the Marketplace?

When will the Marketplace be operational?

What is the EIC?