About Us

Chains is a multi-product platform, introduced in 2021. The company is developing a stack of interconnected cryptocurrency-enabled products.

Our mission is to provide solutions designed to help users earn, trade, invest and spend cryptocurrency without necessarily the need to understand the underlying technologies.

The vision behind Chains was conceived in 2011 when Bitcoin was in its infancy and saw its first utility as a medium of exchange.

Chains is developing a full stack of products, designed for a reality where thousands of currencies and assets of varying utility and liquidity compete on a free market, where anything can be used as money between two consenting parties.

A single Chains.com account allows users to earn, trade, invest and spend cryptocurrency. One of our goals is to reduce the learning curve and the need for setting up multiple disconnected products to have access to the basic functions of cryptocurrency.

Chains is nothing without its vibrant, international community and its early adopters.

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Anderson Mccutcheon

Founder and CEO

Sarne Lightman

Executive Chairman

Dr. Assaf Patir

Chief Economist, PhD Northwestern, Economics. PhD, Weitzman Institute, Physics

Jeremy HM Chou

Director of APAC

Artur Babyuk


Oleg Martinuk


Daria Kuznetsova


Artis Lutkovskis


Select Advisors

Richard Wang

Investor, Senior Advisor - Partner Draper Dragon Fund

Ben Bar

Former Vice Chairman of the Israel Asia Chamber of Commerce

Joeri Pross

CEO, HyperCube

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